Armed Forces revise menus for troops


“The selection of meals should be surprising – the new menu is filled with fresh vegetables, salads and fruit. The stationary canteen will also serve cooked pasta with Bolognese sauce, curd spreads with herbs and vegetables, hot pepper stew, lasagna with curd and spinach, Swedish meatballs with sauce, even burgers and many other meals, which were not on the menu of Lithuanian troops,” Olia Dudaitė of the Lithuanian army’s Logistics Board said in a press release.

According to the press release, the products have been available on menus of many Allied countries for long.


Dudaite said the new menu was worked out based on recommendations from nutrition experts and in response to requests from troops. Their requests were established by way of a survey.

Breakfast includes a few alternatives, for instance, those who do not want burgers can have cereal, boiled eggs, various vegetables and canned fruit, juice, coffee or tea. A different menu has been prepared for each day.


The new menus were introduced after increase of daily food money – since the beginning of May, the sum was raised from 6 to 8 euros, which is now on the same level as for Allied troops serving in Lithuania

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