Vladimir Putin and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras

Putin’s Russia. Kremlin’s plan for Europe, bribe No. 1

In the previous articles of the series ‘Putin’s Russia: Kremlin’s Goals and Tools’, I analysed the theory and practice of Russia’s foreign policy and drew attention to the fact that Russia still uses the ammunition of USSR KGB – disinformation, influence agents, scandals (e.g., Edward Snowden’s story) and criminal activity: corruption, criminal world, drug trafficking and terrorism. So I will now move on to the cases of three countries and their policies – that, I believe, will be a perfect illustration of Kremlin’s capabilities. […]

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Putin’s Russia. The dangerous illusion of independent and western oligarchs

I decided to dedicate one more essay in the “Putin’s Russia” series to Russian oligarchs because of one piece of news that attracted much less attention in Lithuania and internationally than it warranted: the former foreign minister of Sweden and one of the fiercest critics of President Valdimir Putin, Carl Bildt, accepted a consulting job at LetterOne, a Luxembourg-based company set up and run by Russian oligarchs. […]