Average Lithuanian wage jumps 6%

The average pre-tax monthly pay packet hit €756.90 in Lithuania, with an average monthly salary of €782.30 in the public sector and €743.30 in the private sector.

Over the year, after-tax net take home pay (earnings) increased by 5.6% to an average of €584.8 with an increase of 3.4% in the public sector to €603.50 and a rise of 2.4% in the private sector to €575.

Average gross monthly earnings grew most in enterprises engaged in mining and quarrying (12%), arts, entertainment and recreation (6.6%), real estate activities (5%), while they slightly decreased for those engaged in financial and insurance activities (0.2%).

The average number of employees in the whole economy increased by 25,500 (2.2%). This was driven by a 26,800 (3.4%) increase in the number of employees in the private sector. In the public sector, the average number of employees dropped by 1,300 (0.3%).

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