Baltic countries’ business owners: Lithuanians share the least with their employees

In recent years, not only employee wages but also business owners’ profits have been rising. And increasing profits do not always reach the employees’ wallets. Bank of Lithuania economists, who made such conclusions, explain that […]


Promised wage increases could turn out to be a mirage

The majority and government institutions are celebrating the new Labour Code, however it does not appear they are certain how to practically apply it. Furthermore for the near future they do not intend to penalise […]

German falg

Lithuania is attractive investment location to German business

According to the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK) economic survey 2017, Lithuania is one of the best locations in Central and Eastern Europe. Companies in Lithuania want to invest more and expect they will need more staff. However, increasing wage costs are expected. The scores for the fight against corruption, transparency of procurement and the availability of skilled workers slightly dampen the positive mood, German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce informed in a press release. […]

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Higher wages won’t be key factor in stemming emigration

Lithuanian politicians say that higher wages may stop Lithuanians from leaving their country, but businesses argue that such steps as revamping the education and tax systems and cutting back on the state bureaucracy might put emigration on a declining patch, the business daily Verslo Žinios reported on Thursday. […]


Bank of Lithuania forecast – how will we live next year?

Employers are struggling for employees still remaining in Lithuania and are raising wages at the fastest rate in the European Union, but emigration is hurting long term economic growth. […]