Baltic Defence College opens Baltic Way lecture room at graduation

The Baltic Defence College Commandant Major General Vitalijus Vaikšnoras believes that by naming one of the lecture rooms after the historical Baltic Way event, it will denote the Baltic states’ unity and cooperation in the security and defence sector.

Emphasising this fact, a wall painting in the lecture room will act as a reminder of the importance of that historical event.

This year, all three courses at the Baltic Defence College, the Higher Command Studies Course, the Joint Command and General Staff Course and the Civil Servants Course, are graduating simultaneously.

The Baltic States, Allied and Partner Nations received an additional 76 higher level military officer and civilian personnel. This year 12 senior officers, 54 officers and 10 civilians will be graduating.

he creator of the wall painting is Mrs Kamille Saabre. For the painting, the artist used many historical photos and added informative texts.

The Baltic Defence College is the only higher military educational institution providing education in English to officers and civilian officials and is oriented towards small countries’ security issues in the European continent.

The college focuses on teaching of modern military conflict analysis, joint operations planning and forecasting of future trends.

The college has graduated more than 1,000 senior officers and higher level officials from 39 countries.

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