Žygimantas Pavilionis

Ž. Pavilionis. About Vovochka the neighbour and the choice: the West or the Lithuanian Schroederism?

Many of us have probably encountered or at least have heard of an undisciplined next-door-neighbour with a fondness for drinking. Let us call him Vovochka (the Russian equivalent of “Little Johnny”, a diminutive form of […]

Military drill in Rukla

How many people would defend Lithuania in case of a military conflict?

If today we needed to defend our country, then 4 out of 10 Lithuanians would do that. This was shown by the latest survey. The data also revealed the link with how the quality of […]


Baltic countries agree to facilitate movement of NATO troops

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia agreed on Wednesday to facilitate the movement of allied forces in the region as NATO’s multinational battalions are being deployed to the Baltic countries, the Lithuanian Defence Ministry said. […]

Solders of Bundeswher landing in Lithuania

Some 450 German troops to arrive in February

Several hundred German troops will come to Lithuania by plane and by train in early February for their deployment in the country as part of NATO‘s multinational battalion, the Defence Ministry said on Monday. […]