NATO jets

Air defense exercise kicks off in Lithuania

The Tobruq Legacy 2017 air defense exercise gets underway in the district of Šiauliai, in northern Lithuania, on Tuesday. […]

Three crosses coloured in the French flag colours

French-Lithuanian relationship: strategic partnership, overshadowed by „Veolia“

Lithuanian-French relationship is officially called a strategic partnership, close cultural cooperation is in place but economic relations and defence relations are rather scarce. […]

Tanks "Abrams"

US tanks brought to Lithuania

Ten tanks of the United States Armed Forces arrived in Lithuania on Friday in an effort to deter Russia and demonstrate the US commitment to NATO’s collective defence. […]

Lithuanian and NATO flags

67% Lithuanians agree NATO battalion will help deter hostile states

Some 67 percent of Lithuanian residents agree that the international NATO battalion under establishment in Lithuania will help deter hostile countries, shows a poll published on 27 January. […]