Central/Eastern Europe

Western reality and our responsibility

Immediately after Putin launched Russia’s war against Ukraine last year, it seemed that the West had really woken up from the lethargy of geopolitical laziness and had embarked on a decisive strategy, not only to […]

Benas Hodgesas

Lt. Gen. Hodges to Lithuanians: you are not doing enough, but you are annoyed about German brigade

Lithuania is wasting a lot of time and energy complaining about Germany’s reluctance to deploy a full brigade in the country instead of taking responsible steps to strengthen defence and deterrence itself. For example, there […]

Laurynas Kasčiūnas

Kasčiūnas: Let’s sleep calmly, but be ready

After Kęstutis Budrys, the President’s top advisor said that an invasion of the Baltic States by a Wagner-type Russian military group was a possible scenario, both the Presidency itself and Laurynas Kasčiūnas, the chairman of […]


The growing importance of small satellites in modern warfare. What are the options for small countries?

The article assesses the developments in the sphere of satellites, reveals the growing importance of small satellites in future warfare, and recommends possible courses of action for small countries seeking to strengthen national security. Small […]