After Moscow disseminated demands to the Baltic States, experts agree: the regime is trying to take advantage of it

Moscow on Saturday demanded that the Baltic countries take action to protect Russian embassies after the attack on a Russian diplomat in Vilnius at the end of February. According to experts, the demand is not […]


Russian troops could invade Ukraine at any time: Lithuania increased its military readiness

According to experts who closely monitor the Kremlin’s actions, Russian troops could invade Ukraine at any time. And Lithuania has recently seen an increase in the number of visits by foreign politicians, all of them […]

Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko
Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. In the shadow of Moscow and Zapad, Lithuanians taken hostage by Lukashenko and his circle

As a regular citizen and of importance only to myself, I would like to extend my Easter wishes to the staff of the Belarus sanatorium in Druskininkai, who are not giving up, and the Lithuanian […]

On the military training in the Lithuanian Army

Who would defend Lithuania?

The citizens’ desire and capacity to defend Lithuania is significant, however, the state often is unaware of what the citizens can offer and how to organise active resistance during armed conflict. According to experts, this […]