Ban on Russian TV channel takes effect in Lithuania

Edmundas Vaitekūnas, the chairman of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission, told BNS that the rebroadcasting companies operating in the country have followed the commission’s instructions, including some that switched off RTR Planeta broadcasts at about 8 a.m. only.

“Skynet turned off the broadcasts at about 8 a.m. only, it was still on until 8 a.m. As far as we see, everyone has complied,” Vaitekūnas said on Monday.

Nevertheless, rebroadcasts of the channel were available to Skynet clients in Vilnius even after 9 a.m. before they were switched off.

Vaitekūnas also confirmed that Monday marks the end of the ban on rebroadcasting content prepared outside the European Union for another Russian channel, Ren TV Baltic, which was introduced due to violations of laws.

The Lithuanian watchdog last Wednesday banned broadcasts of RTR Planeta for three months over instigation of war and hatred, as well as repeated violation of the Law on Provision of Information to the Public.

The commission had imposed a temporary ban on other Russian-language channels: NTV Mir Lithuania was banned for three months last year and The First Baltic Channel was banned the year before.

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