Belarusians eyeing Lithuanian industrial technologies

Belarus businesses are interested in adopting technologies developed and used by Lithuanian industry.

This was discussed during a meeting between Lithuanian and Belarus entrepreneurs and public institutions in Lida.

At the twelfth Lithuanian-Belarusian Forum, Belarusians said that their tractors were the most popular among Lithuanian farmers who purchased about 750 of them, compared to just 400 sold by one of the well-known Western companies.

With high demand for Belarusian tractors, they are planning to move their assembly lines to Lithuania.

“Just recently a joint venture has been established which will produce machinery for road repairs and will assemble MTZ tractors to be exported to Southern and Western Europe. They will be labelled ‘Made in Lithuania’, so I see opportunities to expand cooperation,” said Belarusian Ambassador to Lithuania Alexander Korol.

He added that Belarus took interest in the port of Klaipėda, where Belarusian cargo made up more than a third of the port‘s cargo handling, as well as in Western technologies and equipment used in Lithuania.

Lithuania’s experience with renewable energy resources and biofuels, ripened cheese, turkey farming are among the areas of particular interest.

Lithuania’s exports to Belarus totals almost €1.3 billion and Belarusians bring production to Lithuania worth more than €800 million.


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