British police investigating 10 racist attacks on Lithuanians

British police

“There are around ten such cases where investigations have been started,” Asta Skaisgiryte said.

Skaisgiryte said that the embassy encourages Lithuanians to report such hate crimes to the police.

“I think the Lithuanian community should speak up. In turn, we have received assurances from the competent UK authorities that no such crime will be tolerated and that each case will be carefully investigated,” she said.

The diplomat said that Lithuanian Deputy Foreign Minister Mantvydas Bekesius will meet with Immigration Secretary James Brokenshire and members of the local Lithuanian community during his visit to the UK next week.

A 47-year-old man has reportedly been arrested in Cambridge on suspicion of an ethnically-motivated assault on a Lithuanian woman.

The Lithuania Tribune reported recently that a 12-year-old Lithuanian boy was beaten up in Manchester because of his nationality.

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