Can we use CBD and Kratom Together?

Most people use CBD and kratom to get a calming effect. Of course, these two natural substances have created a boom in the health industry.  There is very much awareness about both the topic at the individual level, but have you ever thought to mix CBD and kratom? Can we use a combination of these and ingest it? Will that be effective? Are there any side effects which is possible? So many questions arise at once. This article will be based completely on this topic. Before going further, let’s first discuss where kratom and CBD come from. Let’s go.

About Kratom

  • Kratom is a tree. It’s a tropical evergreen tree that is grown in many countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and many European countries.
  • Kratom leaves have medicinal properties. It can give multiple health benefits.
  • In early times, kratom has been used as an energy booster and medicine, but now it has also become a trend to use it as a recreational drug (a drug used for enjoyment purposes rather than a medicine ).
  • There are many kratom products like red vein kratom, green vein kratom, maeng da kratom, and many more. There are even some kratoms named on the place they come from like Bali kratom(comes from place Bali).
  • You can use the best Green Borneo Bulk Kratom for relaxation to get you better sleep and a stress-free lifestyle. In addition, kratom can give you an energy boost, pain relief, relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, etc.
  • Kratom’s legalization is still not clear. It’s illegal in some states but legal in others in a small amount. We hope, it will win the battle of legalization soon.

About CBD

  • CBD stands for cannabidiol which is extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp plants consist of low THC levels and have different nature than marijuana which belongs to the same family of cannabis.
  • The THC level is responsible for the high effect. Since the hemp plant has no high effect component, CBD is free to use. It’s a non-psychoactive substance that doesn’t create any high sensation on its consumption.
  • CBD has been legalized under the farm bill, 2018 in many states of the US.
  • There are multiple ways to ingest CBD as it has a wide variety of products. You can try a CBDfx tincture if you want to take it orally. CBD cream can be used if you want to apply it on your skin and CBD gummies if you want flavours with health benefits.
  • CBD has many benefits for health like pain relief, mental calmness, reduces inflammation, improves sex life, and many more.
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Can we use CBD and Kratom simultaneously?

It is well known that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body when it’s ingested and starts working. On the other side, Kratom doesn’t interact with the ECS system. Though research is still going on, people who have used it have given positive feedback regarding the effects. Both have quite similar properties so it’s safe to use both at the same time. Though you must take care of the proper dose that’s ideal for you.

What about a specific dose and its importance?

The specific ideal dose is very important to consider. It varies from person to person and depends on various factors like BMI, the purpose you want to use it, and many more. So before combing CBD and kratom, do remember to consult a doctor or medical expert to know what can be the best ideal dose for you. We recommend that you can start from small doses and further increase it gradually if required.

Which kind of kratom is best to use with CBD?

CBD has many products but nearly all deliver the same relaxing and soothing properties like pain relief, stress relief, and more so any CBD can be used, but that’s not the case with kratom.

There is various kind of kratom veins present in the market which you can use. Depending on the type of vein, the effect of kratom differs. There are basically three veins – red vein, green vein, and white vein. Let’s see how CBD and these vein combination works.

Check the below points for coming to CBD with kratom:

  • For focus and energy-boosting, CBD can be combined with white vein kratom which also delivers positiveness in the body. 
  • For pleasant feelings of relaxation, Red vein and CBD might work well.
  • With green veins and CBD, you can get positive feelings and it can reduce your stress.

 The above shows some of the effects. Though you can try different products and their combination to see how they can be effective for you. Take care of the dose and prefer a small dose for a good start. 

Tips to buy CBD and Kratom products

  • Always make sure to buy products from a reputed brand.
  • Check the ingredients in CBD products like THC content and extraction process.
  • Make sure you buy the right product. Read reviews before ordering it.

Always prefer a doctor or medical expert if you feel anything to ask about. Though kratom and CBD are natural substances still everybody reacts in different ways.

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