Lauren Lapkus
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Lithuanian-American actor Lauren Lapkus stars in Hollywood comedy

For those who love Hollywood movies, it is always a great pleasure to discover actors who have Lithuanian blood and who have carved out their reputation in the highest league of film industry. One of those actors is Lauren Lapkus who stars in the new comedy “Are You Here”. The actor, who worked with Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson, inherited the Lithuanian blood and surname from her father. […]

US Capitol. Photo: Ludo Segers
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Black Ribbon day commemoration in Washington, DC

Seventy-five years ago, on 23 August, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed a cooperation and non-aggression pact. The now infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact divided Europe and provided with its secret provisions an evil platform that set the stage for the Second World War. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact divided Europe in a half Nazi, half Communist continent. It stands as a stark reminder that totalitarianism in its various forms leads to death and destruction. […]

Leif Arne Ulland
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Norway’s Ambassador Ulland: Child welfare is top consideration for Norwegian institutions, regardless of citizenship

The Lithuanian media has lately caused some stir with stories about Lithuanian expatriates in Norway who have had their children “taken away” by childcare services. Norway’s Ambassador to Lithuania Leif Arne Ulland says that his country takes children’s welfare very seriously and makes no distinction between Norwegian families and those from other countries residing there. However, he adds, no child can be taken away from the family without a court ruling. […]

Jura Reilly
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There is no medicine for stupidity

Jura Reilly is Australian-Lithuanian author of short stories and the book A Wolf at Our Door which chronicles the survival of her relatives who were exiled to Siberia after World War Two. Jura kindly agreed to share one of her short stories about growing up in South Australia with the Lithuania Tribune. […]

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Seimas plans emigration commission

Parliament plans to introduce a commission dedicated to emigration issues this fall, according to Order and Justice Party leader MEP Rolandas Paksas. […]

Nadine Gordimer
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Litvak lenses influenced sensibilities of Nobel prize winning author Nadine Gordimer

Earlier this week the media honoured Nadine Gordimer, a Nobel and Man Booker prize winning novelist with a wealth of obituaries. Gordimer died at the age of 90 on 13 July in her native South Africa. Reverent fans and curious new readers peppered social networks with quotations highlighting her defence of human rights and literary bravery in the face of censorship. […]

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Mission Siberia leaves Vilnius for Krasnoyarsk

16 member of Mission Siberia ’14 leaving Vilnius for the Russian region of Krasnoyarsk on Thursday to visit the places of burial of Lithuanian deportees. […]

Cartoon by Fiona Katauskas,
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Famous Lithuanians in Australia: Cartoonist and illustrator Fiona Katauskas

Fiona Katauskas is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work appears in Australian national and State newspapers and magazines. She has illustrated a large number of books for many publishers; and for the past eight years she has been the producer of Talking Pictures – a segment of the current affairs program Insiders – which analyses the week’s political cartoons and is screened every Sunday morning on ABC1 and 24. […]

Juozas Kazickas
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Distinguished US-Lithuanian businessman Kazickas passes away

Well-know Lithuanian businessman in emigration and public figure Juozas Kazickas has passed away at the age of 96, the secretary of ex-Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus has confirmed to BNS. […]