China to open markets to Lithuanian dairy exports

“We believe that in the near future things will move regarding the dairy product certificates. Since everything on our part is done, the Chinese side is responding, everything should be resolved soon,” said Jonas Milius, the head of the Veterinary Service told Žinių radijas.

Milius said the Chinese would also be looking to buy hay or sillage from Lithuania, with potentially huge demand for the product in China, with experts from China arriving in Lithuania soon to inspect conditions here.

“Resolving issues regarding non-animal origin products is much faster.As for hay (silage), experts will arrive soon, because there are two companies that want to transport it to China. There are requirements that, I think, we will implement. China, you know, is not a small state, so I think that the demand will be huge,” he said.

An agreement has still not been reached on meat exports to China, but in the near future again the country‘s experts should visit to Lithuania. It also should be clear in early March whether Lithuania will be able to export beef to Japan.

Žinių Radijas

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