President Nausėda and Minister of foreign affairs Landsbergis. Photo
Foreign affairs

The country has never seen such inconsistency before

Lithuania may be considering changing the name of the Taiwanese mission in Chinese to the Taiwanese Mission, the Reuters news agency reported. This is similar to the English version – The Taiwanese Representative Office in […]


Dubnikovas: if these economic factors pile up, we will have big problems

Marius Dubnikovas, a financial analyst, said on the “Lietuvos rytas” TV programme “Nauja diena” that the possible Chinese sanctions against Lithuania would not easily shake the country’s economy but require a combination of other unfavourable […]

Cyber security

5G networking rapidly developing across Lithuania: controls tightened, politicians’ eyes turn to Huawei

With 5G connectivity being developed around the country, the government looks at its regulation. The ruling bloc has proposed to judge the new technology’s implementation by way of national security criteria and prohibit access to […]

Rasa Juknevičienė MEP
European Union

Rasa Juknevičienė: COVID-19 lessons learned

‘Lessons learned’, as they say in the army. When I held the office of Minister of Defence of Lithuania, along with the commanders and other military representatives, we always discussed and outlined what lessons had […]