Conscription lists for 2016 in Lithuania to be compiled in January

The lists of draftees, as in 2015, will be compiled in a random manner with the help of computer software.

Currently, 1,600 troops are performing their mandatory military service in the Armed Forces of Lithuania, but all of them are volunteers. On 24 November, 460 more draftees will join the service. The last group of draftees this year will arrive to their battalions in mid-December.

The mandatory 9-month military service was reinstated in Lithuania last March, in response to geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe.

The State Defence Council publicly announced in March that conscription would be reinstated for the coming five years.

Lithuania had discontinued conscription back in 2008. In March, Lithuania’s Armed Forces consisted of approximately 13,000 soldiers. In five years, a total of 16,000 conscripts would be trained to become the reserve of the Armed Forces.

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