Corruption probe findings will decide future of Deputy Speaker, says Graužinienė

Kęstas Komskis
DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

The STT was asked to state what the procedural status of the Seimas Deputy Speaker Komskis was in the pre-trial investigation carried out by the Klaipėda STT unit into alleged criminal activities by Komskis’ assistant Gediminas Miliauskas. Komskis was nominated by the Order and Justice party for the post of deputy speaker.

The Speaker also requested that the service provide information on whether the pre-trial investigation showed any potentially criminal actions by the Seimas Deputy Speaker Komskis.

Graužinienė said that she would make further decisions regarding her deputy following a reply from the STT.

Mazuronis earlier on Tuesday had pushed Gruažinienė regarding the suitability of Komskis for his current office after last week the STT completed a pre-trial investigation into bribery in forest enterprises under the Environment Ministry.

Mazuronis said that Komskis’ assistant was suspected of demanding a €30,000 bribe from a candidate to head up the forest enterprise. In exchange for the bribe, he promised to influence the Directorate General of State Forests which was selecting a new officer.

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