Covid-19. May 12

Covid. Vaccination. Vilnius Municipality photo
Covid. Vaccination. Vilnius Municipality photo

The Ministry of Healthcare (SAM) informs that it will soon decide to vaccinate younger people with the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19. The ministry is considering limiting vaccination with this preparation only to the elderly.

“We hope that final decisions will be made in the near future because in this situation it is very important to assess the pandemic situation in the country, morbidity and mortality, which we monitor on a daily basis. These are very important aspects and should be taken into account when making such decisions,” Jurgita Grebenkovienė, chancellor of the Ministry of Healthcare, told LRT radio on Wednesday.

According to her, various possible solutions are considered, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are assessed.

On Monday, Rugilė Pilvinienė, senior adviser to the Unit of Pharmacovigilance and Poisoning Information of the State Medicines Control Agency (VVKT), announced that the first two cases of atypical blood clots were registered in Lithuania in people vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

The Presidential Couple expressed their wishes on the Midwife’s Day and the International Nurses’ Day.

The guest of the Political Salon of radio Znad Wilii on Wednesday was Adam Błaszkiewicz, director of the John Paul II gymnasium in Vilnius.

The guest of the Salon also stated that the students of his gymnasium did not vaccinate en masse: “Few were vaccinated. If we add those who have already got sick, we have approx. 20 per cent. The rest are at risk,” said the headmaster of the John Paul II gymnasium and added that they had tried to return to contact teaching, but the first attempt was unsuccessful. In the following week, the school will make another attempt to re-establish contact learning.

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