Creative space at home

Creative space at home
Creative space at home

As autumn sets in, we are spending more and more time indoors. It is very important to take a closer look at the environment that we live, eat, sleep and work in. In the face of a global pandemic, homes are becoming a safe haven, a peaceful oasis, and a place to find harmony. In today’s interior, well-being, comfort, sustainability, multifunctionality and closeness to nature are a top priority. 

It’s clear to everyone that unsustainable consumption and irresponsible use of our planet’s resources can no longer be tolerated. Many of the changes that have affected our daily lives and the way we have organised work to comply with pandemic restrictions are also influencing trends in design art, architecture, and home design. New movements are emerging that take over the vision of function – Hygge, a comfortable environment style, seems to intertwine with the new Dutch concept of Niksen – and it requires slowing down, relaxing or even doing nothing, thus freeing up space for human emotions, connections and shared moments at home.

Natural, cosy materials such as linen and cotton, clay and bricks as well as velvet and ceramics are being used to create a soothing and organic environment. This peace is the natural sequence of looking for overall slow quality in our lives: slow food, slow dynamics and less stress of daily rhythm, a longer and more stable service life of the things we use… The stable and long-lasting durability of our home furniture and decorative items is also an approach that respects nature and has become central to this season’s interior design scene. 

This search for long-lasting and real things around us also means a certain return of some retro features. This proves that the past is irreplaceable in some respects. We learn to look at the styles of the past and appreciate what made them so unusual.

Creative space at home
Creative space at home

Vintage items and family heirlooms are undoubtedly fashionable. More and more homeowners want unique furniture and accessories, as well as decor elements that allow engaging in conversation. Things that have a history – that’s what we’re looking for. Instead of cheap mass-produced furniture and interior decor elements, customers are increasingly looking to purchase quality items that can get better together with them and their homes. Younger customers are also increasingly focused on sustainability and want an alternative to mass production. They are looking for things that reflect their character and can grow with them.

Art Deco patterns are fun and playful. After being separated from our friends and family for so long, we are longing for colour, playfulness and interaction. Art Deco was born after World War I with the emergence of new optimism, hope for the future, and a desire to implement bold, new ideas. This style emphasises functionality, modernity, brilliance and elegance, and is characterised by rich colours, gold and geometric lines.


Biophilic elements. Being at home has also led to a tendency to make contact with nature through design. For example, creating a seamless space between indoor and outdoor areas, or including biophilic elements in interior design. And we’re not only talking about plants – it can also be natural fibre furniture (rattan, reed, wicker, wood), wool, linen or cotton fabrics, wooden decor elements, natural, unglazed ceramics, stone, and as much natural light as possible.

Whatever style is close to a person’s heart, creating it sustainably is extremely important. A sustainable lifestyle is thinking about what you choose and why, how you behave, and what the value and outcome of those choices are. It also includes the desire to reduce consumption and to use items of good quality several times. We are pleased that there is a growing trend toward long-lasting, high-quality products that are passed down from generation to generation and make you smile.


These are precisely the products that you will find in our store, When creating it, one of the goals of the owners was to offer customers not only products that are suitable for various styles, but also sustainable, long-lasting products that could be enjoyed by several generations or, if necessary, passed on to new owners. Visit the furniture and home decor store and discover our carefully selected decor elements that you can use to decorate your home interior and those of your loved ones.

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