Danish Chamber of Commerce gifts for children with cancer

Danish Chamber of Commerce gifts for children with cancer
Danish Chamber of Commerce gifts for children with cancer

Danish Chamber of Commerce charity group has visited the Oncohaematology Centre of the Children’s Hospital on May 13! Inspired by the experience of the Danish Children’s Cancer Foundation in helping families to learn more about healthy eating, the charity group of the Danish Chamber of Commerce decided to donate a publication for cancer patients to children treated in Lithuanian hospitals and their families, the Danish Chamber of Commerce writes in  a press release.

The information brochure is drawn up in close cooperation with the professional nutritionists, writers and journalists writing about healthy food.

This initiative was sincerely supported by a mother of four, Ms Beata Nicholson, who is known in Lithuania for her proactive approach in promoting and encouraging healthy eating. In her opinion, for children with cancer, who must undergo tedious treatment procedures, such as chemotherapy, surgeries, or both, a healthy diet is vital in order to maintain physical endurance.

Resist the risk of malicious infections and accumulate enough energy for healthy growth and development. At the same time, she points out that the food should also be attractive and tasty so that small patients could satisfy their craving for something yummy.

“The publication should become popular among parents who take care of their sick children trying their best to ensure that children eat in the best possible way, to find simple but delicious products for children to enjoy, bearing in mind that patients do not always have the best appetite”, says Dr Goda Vaitkevičienė, haematologist at the Children’s Oncohaematology Division of the Children’s Hospital.

What about healthy eating?

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr Jelena Rascon of the Children’s Oncohaematology Centre, children treated at oncohaematology centres, without doubt, need advanced and modern treatment and care compliant with the contemporary global standards. However, it is no less important for children and their parents to have detailed information about the disease and ways to get through this challenging life span.

One of the most frequent questions asked by parents is: “And now, what can my child eat?”. In the face of the current survival rates, when nine out of ten children are successfully cured, more and more attention is paid to the quality of life of young patients, comfortable and cosy environment, and as much as possible wide-ranging diet of a sick child, which significantly contributes to the treatment success.

The charity group of the Danish Chamber of Commerce has been supporting children treated in Lithuanian hospitals for several years already. The funds are collected from charity concerts, festivals and Christmas dinners. Last year, a charity concert ‘http:/kicafo.lt/’ and a charity lunch were a huge success. The funds raised go to charitable projects dedicated to patients treated at the oncohaematology divisions of Vilnius and Kaunas hospitals.

 In addition to the publication on healthy diet for children with cancer, the Danish Chamber of Commerce also presented the animated film “John and the Dragon” produced in Holland, which tells sick children, their brothers and sisters, and other relatives about this terrible disease in an understandable way. At the same time, children treated at the Oncohaematology Division of the Children’s Hospital and their parents received presents – tailor-made pyjamas.

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