Deficit of Lithuania’s current account balance widens

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The positive financial account balance (EUR 47.1 million, or LTL 162.7 million) was due to the increase in the flow of official reserve assets and net direct investment.

In December 2014, the CAB deficit recorded in the country’s balance of payments amounted to EUR 16.5 million (LTL 56.9 million). The build-up of the deficit was driven by the two times smaller, but nevertheless still negative, trade balance (EUR 150.5 million, or LTL 519.6 million) and the negative primary income balance (EUR 108.2 million, or LTL 373.7 million).

It should be noted that the CAB deficit was reduced by the almost double growth in the positive balance of services and secondary income balance.

According to preliminary estimates, in January-December 2014 the CAB deficit amounted to EUR 190.8 million (LTL 658.9 million), while in the same period in 2013 – in surplus, amounting to EUR 559.8 million (LTL 1.9 billion).

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