Despite hike in weapon sales, Lithuania remains among least armed nations

According to data provided by the police, about 60,000 individuals in Lithuania own more than 100,000 legal weapons, including hunting rifles, sporting weapons and self-defence guns. About 3,000-4,000 new guns are sold annually, with a 7-percent increase reported in 2014 year-on-year.

Nevertheless, Lithuanians remain among the least armed nations of the world: according to statistics, 0.7 firearms are reported per 100 residents in Lithuania, putting the country in the 160th place globally and the last place in Europe.

Far larger numbers are reported in Latvia (19 firearms per 100 residents, 32nd worldwide) and Estonia (9.2 firearms per 100 residents, 65th worldwide). Switzerland and Finland are the most armed European nations, with 45.7 and 45.3 weapons per 100 residents, respectively.

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