Developers! Radix DLT and Pillar partner on a hackathon

Pillar Unconference

What is Radix DLT?

Radix is the universal protocol to build and deploy decentralized applications, tokens, and coins.

In research and development since 2011, Radix DLT is the first, state-sharded, distributed ledger protocol that enables inexpensive and scalable transactions at incredible speeds with near-instant finality.

The Radix platform will empower developers to create and distribute highly scalable, efficient and secure distributed applications for both public and private networks.

Radix DLT Hackathon Series

Now that Radix have recently launched their alpha, they are encouraging developers to come and build truly decentralized commercial applications.

First stop Vilnius, Lithuania -​ the Pillar Unconference​. If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time to do it. Book your tickets now!

Why should developers build on the Radix platform?

Radix offers two key advantages to developers:-

  1. First, Radix is built from the ground up to be massively sharded and thus highly scalable. The throughput capacity of the network is only limited by the number of nodes taking part in it. Therefore, every new node that joins the Radix Public Network increases its throughput capacity.
  2. Second, they are making it easy for all developers, regardless of their expertise, to develop decentralized applications on their platform. Starting with the Java and JavaScript client libraries, which will enable developers to start building on and interacting with the Radix Public Network easily.

What can you build with the Radix Client Libraries?

The Radix JAVA and JavaScript client libraries will enable developers to build simple token and messaging applications that scale linearly without sacrificing decentralisation or security.

You will be able to:

  1. Send and receive transactions or messages
  2. Design functional wallets to exchange assets and tokens
  3. Deploy immutable instant messaging applications
  4. Develop simple multi-sig applications

The first step in a beautiful partnership.

Our hackathon in Vilnius will be an opportunity for both the Pillar and Radix DLT teams to come together and collaborate.

During this time we will shape our partnership and have more news as to how we are going to come together as two organisations with aligned visions. Stay tuned for more – sign up for our newsletter.

What is the Pillar Project?

The Pillar Project is a movement to return ownership of personal data to individuals. The project starts with an open-source cryptocurrency and token wallet, which eventually evolves to become your personal data locker.

How do I register?

You can register yourself and each of your team member here –

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