Disinformation needs swift response – Lithuanian presidential adviser

TV cameras
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“The existing geopolitical situation demands that we take certain swift actions in the information space but the pace of adoption of these amendments will depend on the Seimas,” she told journalists at the Presidential Palace on Friday.

According to Budienė, any spread of disinformation and incitement to breach Lithuania sovereignty and similar actions banned by the Constitutions need rapid response.

The presidential amendments suggest allowing the Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania to record violations without turning to other state institutions, as well as ensuring that at least 90 percent of TV programs re-broadcast in Lithuania are aired in the official EU languages.

The proposed amendments will have little effect on Lithuanian TV channels, Budiene noted. But, she added, they will make re-broadcasters, which have so far been able to evade orders to stop rebroadcasting of certain Russian TV channels due to violations, to comply.

Under the drafted amendments, the RTCL would be able to consider suspending or revoking a broadcasting or re-broadcasting license and also imposing a fine of up to 100,000 litas (around EUR 29,000) for war propagation and incitement or calls to violates the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Lithuania.

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