Do the old Social Democrats get scared of Paluckas’ coup?

Gintautas Paluckas
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party won the election ticket to the second round for the winning Gintautas Paluckas and Mindaugas Sinkevičius, party members are already predicting fate. According to them, everything will be determined by the party members who voted for other candidates.

President of the Social Democratic Party participated in the elections in the first round which had 5 candidates: Vilnius Mayor Gintautas Paluckas collected 4017 voices (41.28 percent.), Minister of Economy Mindaugas Sinkevičius 3654 (37, 55 per cent.), A member of the Parliament Andrius Palionis 1166 (11.98 percent.) member of the Parliament Artūras Skardžius 608 votes (6.25 per cent.) and former MP Mantas Varaška collected 252 votes (2.59 percent).

The most important thing – the politician’s reputation

Artūras Skardžius who is remaining fourth place the remaining that in his opinion, although M.Sinkevičius lacks experience, however, he is the best candidate.

“We have supported these candidates campaign, as we have already seen that younger colleagues appear better. That is because the party has to reform and get younger. I think that in this case M.Sinkevičius should win. Even though he has less political experience, but he’s very important politician with flawless reputation. And I think that the party of the 20 thousand members will have to choose a person of good reputation. The experience of a young and energetic person can accumulate. Perhaps the party members are not yet aware of the importance of reputation. But when faced with the consequences, then it becomes sad, “- says A. Skardžius.

While the former candidate for President G.Paluckas cannot be called bad, but the reputation is the most important issue.

“I do not think the position of G. Paluckas and M. Sinkevičius are very different than all of the others. Reviews and directions are very clear, but not the opposite. I mean, I would like for the votes to go to M. Sinkevičius on the question of reputation alone, “- says the MP.

There is a lack of specificity

Former MP Mantas Varaška who took the last place elections did not want to disclose for which candidate the voter votes were distributed. However, the interviewer said that he is hoping for specificity from the candidates in the second round.

“Both candidates who came to the second round were quite abstract and avoided specificity to express the fate of the party. I hope that they manage this in the second round. We hope that this should happen, “- says M. Varaška.

Victory should go to the former mayor of Jonava

Parliament Social Democrat Group head Irena Šiaulienė says that the results did not surprise. “In the margins of the votes will divide between the two leaders. And I think that really even during those two weeks, the two contenders will have to work hard. Because I think that the difference between the two is very small, “- says the head of the group.

However, I.Šiaulienė does not rule out the possibility because logic of the moral values of candidates, victory would go to the the Minister of Economy. “It can be assumed that the voters of A. Skardžius, A.Palionis and M.Varaška might go to the side of M.Sinkevičus. But it is not yet known which candidate will highlight in the second round. The vote is always an emotional one. But in the logical sequence of speaking, one can predict that M.Sinkevičius will trioumph over G.Paluckas in the second round, “- says the head of the group.

“I chose M.Sinkevičių myself, because he has worked as mayor of Jonava district for two terms. According to his logic and his last public speech a posture and reasoning can be heard. It is responsible and, in particular, modern. Youth alone will no matter they must and elders wisdom. This is the best and the renewal and rejuvenation, “- says I.Šiaulienė.

The second round of elections will be held on April 20 – 22. The final election results and the new party chairman will be revealed on the 2nd May, and his work he will start on the 6th of May during the XXXV meeting of LSDP (Lithuanian Social Democratic Party).

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