‘Domino effect’ of border closures is threat to EU free movement, Foreign Minister says

ID checks on Sweden's border with Denamrk

“Speaking about migration, what is happening now and recent decisions – Sweden‘s decision to close the border with Denmark, Denmark’s decision to close the border with Germany – are reminiscent of a domino effect,” Linkevičius said during a media conference on Tuesday.

While there is no need to be dramatic, he added “it is a challenge. 2016 will be a year of trial for the Schengen Area”.

The EU must substantially strengthen the control of its external borders and to ensure that refugees are properly registered.

“While none of this is in place, countries are taking unilateral or bilateral steps. Some claim that these border closures mark the end of Schengen, but I would say minimal measures can and should be introduced. I would like to stress that they should be temporary, in order to protect what has been created,” Linkevičius said.

Sweden introduced border checks on its border with Denmark on Monday. Denmark followed by stepping up controls on its border with Germany.

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