Environment minister says Lithuanians too timid about renovating their ageing houses

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Renovation has been impeded by our mentality. To be honest, a good master of the house has insulated, replaced windows and renovated his housing without waiting for any government incentives. I understand that there is a financial side to it, intentions are not always sufficient, one has to have skill and be able to do it, but at present the state has done much and this assistance, this attention is sufficient, and finally the process has been brought forward,” said the minister in an interview to the Žinių Radijas radio on Thursday.

According to Trečiokas, 600 residential buildings have started renovation process and others will follow as well.


A big proportion of people in Lithuania live in ageing Soviet-built residential blocks of flats that require immediate renovation. The government has launched a large-scale programme, providing financial assistance and incentives to home owners willing to renovate such buildings.

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