Estonian officer in Russia has not been charged yet

Eston Kohver

Estonia says Kohver was detained in the territory of Estonia in early September last year by persons who came from Russia.

“The current situation is still bad. Our consul can meet him twice a month. This is the only possibility for him to keep contact with the outward, also with his family. He has small children also in Estonia. But it’s very clear that he doesn’t get an objective procedure. Since he has been kept now seven months without really being clear what he is accused of. So this is again one of the signs or examples of how Russia is violating international law,” the Estonian minister told journalists in Vilnius.

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius said Lithuania is expressing solidarity with Estonia in this case.

“Estonian security officer Kohver was kidnapped seven months ago while carrying out his mission in the territory of Estonia and we believe that he’s being kept illegally in Russia. The case continues and we want to take this chance to once again condemn this whole situation and demand his release and for international law not to be violated, which, unfortunately, is becoming a certain tradition by the Russian side, if we remember equally high-profile case of pilot Nadya Savchenko,” Linkevičius said.

Russian institutions claim Kohver was detained in Russia during a spying operation.

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