Ethics watchdog asked to look into racist statement by Lithuanian MP

Dalia Teišerskytė
DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

On Tuesday, during a joint sitting of the Seimas and the Lithuanian World Community, MP Teišerskytė related a business trip she had a decade ago. She said she was seated close to the bathroom during an 11-hour flight. An African-American passenger was sitting next to her.

“On my way back from the congress of the world’s parliamentarians, MPs from other countries flew properly, like normal people, while I had to sit between a “negro”, I mean an African-American, and the toilet, and they both smelled the same. MPs of other countries asked me why I was sitting there, maybe I was not feeling well, and I was ashamed for our country,” the politician said.


Eligijus Masiulis, the leader of the Liberal Movement, has condemned and apologized for Teišerskytė’s statements.

In response to these statements made by the liberal MP, Lithuania’s Tolerant Youth Association and the Lithuanian Social Democratic Youth Union are organizing an anti-racism protest on Wednesday.

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