EU Commissioner Andriukaitis: EU countries ready for Ebola

Ebolos virusas

“The answer is clear. The health systems of all 28 member states are capable of withstanding the Ebola threat. If individual cases emerged, all sectors would be capable of providing treatment. The risk of Ebola spreading in the EU is very low,” the commissioner said in an interview with BNS, adding that the EU has enough measures to diagnose, prevent and treat Ebola.

“Only several countries, including Lithuania, should cooperate as not all of them have level 4 laboratories. Yes, they would need to send specimen abroad and cooperate with licensed laboratories,” Andriukaitis said.


In the middle of November, the Lithuanian commissioner visited the three West African countries, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, hit by Ebola.

Around 4,800 people have already died since the Ebola outbreak.

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