Eurobarometer: 63 percent of Lithuanians support euro

Some 63 percent of Lithuanians were in favour of the euro in November, up by 13 percentage points from June.

The ranks of euro opponents decreased by 10 percentage points in that period, to 31 percent, while 6 percent of Lithuanians were undecided.

Lithuania will adopt the single currency on 1 January.

Top supporters of EU

Lithuanians are among the biggest EU supporters in Europe, according to the results of a recent survey published on Wednesday.

The latest Eurobarometer survey revealed that half of Lithuanians have a positive view on the European Union, 43 percent said they have a neutral image of the EU and only 6 percent have a negative image, which is the lowest among EU countries.

The number of Europeans who say they have a positive image of the EU was 39 percent in November, ranging from 23 percent in Greece to 61 percent in Poland. 37 percent have a neutral image and 22 percent have a negative image.

Moreover, 73 percent of Lithuanians say they are optimistic about the future of the EU, compared to the EU average of 56 percent. Greeks are the most pessimistic ones about the EU future, with 38 percent saying the future is bright for the EU and 60 percent claiming the opposite.

27,000 people were surveyed across Europe in November, including 1,000 people in Lithuania.

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