False alarm about Russian aircraft circling over Lithuania

The plane took off from Kaunas airport before flying over eastern Lithuania conducting a number circuits over the country before finally landing back in Kaunas.

A number of members of the public contacted newspaper Lietuvos Rytas about the plane circling suspiciously overhead and the paper contacted airport authorities. However, it was a false alarm.

“This is a test flight after aircraft repair works – it has been done before,” said Indrė Baltrušaitienė, Lithuanian airports spokeswoman.

Every Internet user can monitor the flight paths and airspace over Lithuania through website Flightradar24.com. A civilian spotted the Russian plane circling over Lithuania and informed lrytas.lt about the situation.

Kaunas has a range of civilian aircraft repair facilities and it is not the first time that Kaunas’ residents were surprised by Russian airplanes circling above the city.


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