Farmers are drunk on power

Ramūnas Bogdanas
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

Lithuanian radio journalist asked the Minister of Health Aurelius Veryga whether he considered the consequences that will result in further bans on alcohol market. “What consequences?” a sincere amazement was heard.

But this wasn’t asked of a psychiatrist A. Veryga, who was able to play a patient, who doesn’t realise that that action has consequences. It was asked of a member of Lithuanian Government, who represents executive power at the highest level, where every change spreads all over the country.


Now it is public admitted that there’s no interest in the consequences of their ideas, which is a feature of slightly drunk people that are the least concerned about the consequences of their actions.

The executive is leaded by the popular PM Saulius Skvernelis, who recently revealed his understanding that there are two types of states: a police or criminal. You choose. Of course, it is expected that the nation, along with the king of the ratings, will choose the ideal police state ideal which he prefers because the world of “brigade” that appeared immediately after the restoration of independence, did not leave any nostalgia. S. Skvernelis, who is beginning to lose popularity, is softer incarnation of Rolandas Paksas, because his thoughts are more articulate. The shoulder straps that shine through the suit and language makes him seem tougher.


The Farmer leader Ramūnas Karbauskis in fragments pointed out, how will their led Government will look, where no one cares the consequences. First of all, he stated that Lithuanians are not able to make decisions by themselves, unlike Spanish people. After all, the No. 1 landowner didn’t send his family vain, knows how to make decisions and then transformed into a peasant, so he could decide for others. In Lithuania it will have to be like in the collective farm with an improved image from colourful childhood memories, which is managed by the father. Order and Justice will flourish, when we will go hand in hand without arguments, saying: “our leader is in the middle circle”. In other words but with the same idea. If you don’t agree with this game, dear coalition partners, wait for a surprise from us!

Loud standstill and premature ideas mess is slowly opening the eyes of voters and melting the popularity of Farmers but the latter seem not to realise the link between the empty speed and disappointment. They had fun while they were in the Government! After all, wages aren’t the worst. Farmer Green Tomas Tomilinas has publicly admitted that just got by until it he became members of the Parliament. And it got better with a Government salary, instead of quietly discussing the Labour Code, without permission, fled to warm climate and then set under a palm tree, criticized the “Freedom to rock’n’roll”.


These same rock’n’roll people are breaking the basis of the new Lords that are calling themselves Farmers. After all, people in poos, who must love the Lord and listen to him because he only knows how it’s better for them to live. The new wave of punishers are trying to raise steward whip, which fell from the hands of the Soviet nomenclature after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Green Farmers just seem to dangerously wander around in power. Prohibition of alcohol and the attempts at freedom of expression reveal their strategic plan to break the critics’ teeth and please red necks. Maybe they believe that is the majority thinks like red necks and musicians, journalists, businessmen and other working bees may be pushed to the kitchens do they wouldn’t irritate with their talks.


Hurt them with free time in outdoor cafes, so they would leave, harm a business that the better living wouldn’t disturb the water on the road to a police state. Scheduled restrictions on alcohol don’t affect those, drink it behind the shops – after all, they must not move their own pillar. It must be raised as an obedient fool, then the Lithuania with bans will thrive.

Fortunately, the reality is different from the Green Farmer imagination because of word professionalism ended with the use “professional” during the elections. Whatever we did, dear Farmers, Lithuania won’t be shoved into a Naisiai cage (Naisiai is a village near by Šiauliai, which has been carefully cultivated by Mr. Karbauskis as a success story).


Comment was read on LRT radio.

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