Fashion experts share insights about peculiarities of Lithuanian style

Insipired by Scandinavian Tranquility

Stanslovaitytė says that Scandinavia is always named as the first source each time Lithuanian style and its potential origins are mentioned. “Scandinavians seem to be close to us in terms of both climate and character as well as aesthetics. Their style is characterised by calm and muted colours, clear silhouettes and subtle elements. You never see them wearing clothes with clumsy patterns or kitsch luster. Scandinavians care about high quality of their clothes as well as comfort and a brand’s responsibility for nature”, she states.

Representative of „labàdienà” brand Rapolas Vosylius claims that it is impossible not to notice Scandinavian cleanliness and minimalism in Lithuanian trends. “This might be a mere theory but I think that Lithuanians turned towards Scandinavian style in order to run away from glitter and mottled patterns that are typical to our neighbours Russians. Scandinavian tranquility counterbalances them”, he states.

Today Scandinavian style is highly respected and popular. Copenhagen Fashion Week is as popular as events of the same kind in the greatest fashion capitals, and the opinions of Scandinavian style exerts and opinion makers are observed attentively by the most influential fashion portals.

“It is natural that Scandinavian style is also shifting and it is not stagnant. If we look at the guests of Copenhagen Fashion Week, we will notice brighter colours and dainty eclectic in the their clothes. Each combination is in a way a playful gift to individuality and originality. I think that Lithuanians are also inspired by this”, – the representative of Newmood says.

Elegance and Colours

Designer and Founder of „migle + me” brand Miglė Savickaitė says that it is not difficult to recognise female Lithuanians abroad. “Lithuanian women and girls adore beautiful appearances and they are praised for this all over the world. I often meet female Lithuanians in international exhibitions where I recognise them from a distance as they are stretched and their clothes are well combined; however, their outfit is never compromising”, the designer claims.

However, the designer would like Lithuanians to leave their comfort zone more often. Savickaitė confirms that she notices traces of Scandinavian style in works by other Lithuanian designers (clean colours, clear silhouettes and lines and harmonious combinations). However, she tends to encourage clients to wear brighter clothes and be more courageous. The designer creating colourful and vivacious collections is glad that female Lithuanians are more and more positive and enthusiastic about more original solutions each season.

“Today Lithuanian outfits include much more bright colours, patterns and eclectic elements as compared to the situation several years ago. This is how the lack of sun is partially compensated. Although it is not necessary to wear bright clothes from head to toe, one exclusive element or another might become an original accent and a special savour which Lithuanians can be proud of”, Expert at Newmood Style Institute Stanslovaitytė agrees.

Not only the Clothe, but also the Concept is Important

According to Representative of „labàdienà” brand Rapolas Vosylius, eclectic elements, inspiration from Western fashion and the search for individuality make Lithuanian style exclusive in terms of is diversity. Lithuanians are not attached to one clear stylistic trend (although Scandinavian stylistics is one of their favourites), and they want to discover something unique and novel by searching for the Lithuanian identity and stylistic solutions which define it.

This creative climate provides more space for Lithuanian designers. This is a perfect time for experiments and pleasant discoveries.

For Lithuanian fashion buyers, not only the clothe, but also the brand concept is important. “In our case, people buy an idea rather than an item. None of our team members is a clothing designer. As all of us came from the world of graphic design, it is important for us to create not only beautiful, but also functional an item without no burdensome visuals. The connection between function and image is very important. This is what our clients expect from us”, Vosylius says.

According to the Stylist from Newmood, Lithuanians do not differ from fashion buyers in other European countries in this respect. For the young generation, brand values and philosophy are of great importance, regardless of whether this is about a luxurious coat or a mere T-shirt.

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