First counterfeit notes discovered in Lithuania within less than a week in euro zone

An allegedly fake 100-euro note was discovered in Panevėžys, north Lithuania, on Monday when an employee wanted to deposit money on his company’s bank account, according to the Police Department.

In a separate incident in the central city of Jonava on Monday, a young man tried to exchange a counterfeit 50-euro note in a shop but a saleswoman refused to do so. The man then tried to buy some chewing gum. The saleswoman checked the note with special equipment and found it was fake, so she called the security. The young man fled the shop, however.

Also in Jonava, on Sunday a man turned to the police after selling a computer game to a stranger on Sunday and receiving 14 20-euro and one 10-euro banknotes. He checked the money on Monday and the 20-euro banknotes seemed counterfeit. They were taken for analysis.

On Monday, two men tried to pay for goods with an allegedly fake 50-euro banknote in a local shop in the western District of Šilutė. The men left the shop and the banknote was taken for analysis.

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