Former mayor calls for more CCTV cameras in Vilnius

The former Vilnius mayor and city council member Artūras Zuokas has claimed that Vilnius needs a new video surveillance camera system with over 100 cameras across the city.

Vilnius is probably the only EU capital which has no modern video surveillance system in its public spaces – opposition to such a system has been strong following people‘s experience during Soviet times.

Zuokas said the proposed new cameras would be monitored by the Vilnius police and Public Security Department officials.

Currently there are only 12 CCTV cameras in Vilnius which are quite old and Zuokas claimed that that reduced the opportunities for the capital‘s police to detect crimes in public places and prevent them.

Current plans will see just 15 CCTV cameras in Vilnius under plans proposed by the deputy mayor Gintautas Paluckas‘ working group.

Zuokas is proposing that 103 surveillance cameras be operating across the city. There were 95 cameras operating in Vilnius from 2002 to 2013 but the contracts to operate them were allowed to expire in 2013 and 2014.

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