German decision to curb EU emigrant benefits could cause ‘chain reaction’ – Linkevičius

Vida Press

“A chain reaction could emerge across Europe – this is definitely not the type of move that we need, ” Linkevičius said.

“There can be no discrimination within the European Union,” he added.

Linkevičius said the move may crack European unity and undermine the basis of the community’s achievements and values.

The proposals in Germany come a few months after the EU and Great Britain agreed on restrictions on social benefits for EU immigrants to Britain.

However, Vilma Range, the leader of the Lithuanian community in Berlin, said the German plans of revising social policy for immigrants were fair.

“After living in this country for 13 years and paying the high taxes, it is terrible to see and hear about Lithuanians coming and starting to ask what they think they should get here,” Range told BNS.

“If they came to work here and failed, it would be an entirely different story – but they take advantage of the benefits and go from there,” said the Lithuanian national.

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