GP Transco is not indifferent to Ukraine: Its companies collected €300K in just 72 h

People in a shelter in Kyiv, by Ratynskiy Vyacheslav UNIAN

GP Transco, a Lithuanian-American freight and logistics company, joined forces with other freight and logistics companies to raise €300,000 for Ukraine in just 72 hours for Ukrainians remaining in their country during the Russian military invasion. GP Transco’s group of 16 companies in the US, named Trucking & Logistics Professionals for Ukraine, mobilized humanitarian aid within just 3 days to help the people of Ukraine who are suffering from the war.

GP Transco‘s CEO Dominykas Zastarskis, together with the company’s employees, took the initiative to help Ukrainians fleeing the war and coordinated support to help those who chose not to leave Ukraine. As soon as GP Transco announced its support initiative for Ukrainians, the company received many calls, and other well-known transport companies decided to join in – in less than 72 hours, more than €300,000 in donations were collected.


“This situation has affected us all. We follow the news, but often we feel powerless to make a difference. On Saturday morning, my colleague Sergei called me and urged me to take action to help the affected people. This initiative helped us join forces and mobilize support at lightning speed, which has already reached the organisations in Ukraine that are caring for the people who remain in the country. I believe that such an initiative is very much needed and is a great example of how we can all do our part,” says Mr Zastarskis.

The staff in Vilnius initiates and coordinates not only the financial support, but also the safe transportation of people living in Ukraine. Volunteers travel to the Ukrainian-Polish border, helping citizens leave their war-torn country faster and find shelter and accommodation.


“I was very impressed by the responsibility and goodwill of our staff, and by the mobilization and cooperation of transport and logistics companies. The unity of people all over the world is also heartening. It just goes to show that despite our differences, we are able to come together and fight real evil and hardship in every way we can. The people of Ukraine need support right now and we will do everything we can to help them,” said Mr Zastarskis.

The company calls on all transport and logistics professionals who are empathetic and can help to join in. GP Transco has set up a website (TLPU | Helping Ukraine) to raise awareness of the situation among businesses in the area, and to indicate where and how they can donate safely and effectively. It also reminds people of the need to help Save the Children, UNICEF, and the Red Cross.

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