Gruesome Iron Maiden concert ad banned by media ethics regulator

The advertisements for the “Book of Souls” tour feature a zombie-like monster leering at the viewer with a bleeding heart clutched in its fist. “We received a notice that we must discontinue the advertisement because it scares children – we are currently considering what to do, but we will probably be forced to take the posters down,” said Mindaugas Paukštė, an attorney representing Live Nation Lietuva, the organizers of the tour’s concert in Lithuania.

The lawyer said that the decision was surprising because the ad had been used all over the world and the musicians had not yet received any complaints.

Gražina Ramanauskaitė-Tiumenevienė, who leads the inspector’s office, said she had received numerous complaints from residents and organisations about the advertisements. “The images in the advertisement – a monster holding a torn-out heart in its fist dripping with blood – can inspire fear for youth of up to 14 years of age (and mostly for children up to 10 years of age),” she indicated in her notice.

The concert’s organisers have indicated that they’ve received permission from Iron Maiden to change the advertisements.

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