Health minister suggests legalizing outdoor daycare

Approval of the bill would set standards for outdoor daycare centers and provide parents with more options of pre-school institutions, the Health Ministry said. Just like in the rest of Europe, interest in outdoor education is on the rise in Lithuania, therefore, the country may soon be able to educate children in a way that they spend more time outdoors.

“Up until now, legal regulation was intended for the education institutions that conduct the main educational activities indoors. We will soon stipulate requirements for outdoor centers where children are educated in accordance to entirely new methods than the usual kindergartens,” said Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga.

In his words, children’s access to nature and outdoor games has a positive impact upon their development, health and achievements.

Operations of outdoor daycare centers has been certified in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, Germany and Austria. The institutions educate children outdoors, mainly forests, parks or similar environments.

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