Hotel owners: too little info on Vilnius Airport runway reconstruction

At the Vilnius Airport
DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

“When people search for airline tickets via online search engines, they get a message that tickets are not available. There is no additional information. There are no alternative offers, such as to travel via Kaunas Airport or select other dates. There is even no information about why flights to Vilnius are unavailable,” it quoted Aleksandr Ciupij, a co-owner of the Stikliai Hotel, as saying.

Evalda Siskauskiene, president of the Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, said that hotel owners planned to meet with Vilnius Airport’s managers this week to discuss the situation.

Meanwhile, Agne Mažeikytė, spokeswoman for Lietuvos Oro Uostai (Lithuanian Airports), the operator of Vilnius Airport, said that the company was in constant contact both with air carriers and with international airline ticket search sites and kept them informed about the upcoming runway reconstruction and relocation of flights to Kaunas.

The runway reconstruction is scheduled to start on Jul. 14 and be completed on August 18. The majority of flights will be temporarily moved to Kaunas, some 100 kilometers away from Vilnius.

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