How Stable Are Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin. By Michael Fortsch in Unsplash

There are very few certainties in life. One of them is being able to gauge what the value of a cryptocurrency could be in six months, a year, or ten years. This might prove annoying if you are looking to make sure that you are investing in the right cryptocurrencies, but the truth of the matter is that nobody knows for sure what is going to happen. With that said, a set of careful assumptions can be made about stability when it comes to the cryptocurrency market, based on previous trends and what experts are saying. If you are interested in learning more, then it is recommended to read the rest of this dedicated guide today which has been created for your reading pleasure below. 

The Long-Term Price Has Shown Long-Lasting Value 

If you look at cryptocurrencies in the short term, then it can look like it is a complicated market, with a lot of volatility. Nonetheless, when it comes to the long-term value of the top cryptocurrencies, you will see that there is an extreme level of growth that has been involved in the process. For example, when Bitcoin started, it was worth only $0.01, and now the value is a whopping $21,000, meaning that it has grown exponentially, making people millionaires and even billionaires in the process, as long as they didn’t forget their passwords

The same can be said for the overall price of Ethereum. If you would like to see the ethereum price history over time, then it’s a great idea to look at the services available at OKX. You will also see that the price has risen quite significantly over the past few years. 

Some Coins Are More Stable Than Others

Before you buy a coin, it is very important to make sure that you do as much research as possible. As you will find, certain coins have better technology underlying them than others, as well as higher market caps and more worthwhile investors. While some people argue that Bitcoin itself might become worthless, there are already cryptocurrencies that are out there that have seen their value completely reduced. 

This means that if you are serious about making money with crypto-investing, it’s better to either buy a coin when it’s already worth basically nothing — meaning that you aren’t spending anything — or you buy coins that you know are well-respected already. Buying expensive coins that no one respects is a sure recipe to lose all your money and will make you look foolish within the crypto community.  


Now that you have read the entirety of this guide, you should have a clear idea of the relative stability of cryptocurrencies. Once more, it is important to stress that there are simply no certainties in the world of cryptocurrency, so it is important to make sure that you take everything that has been written above with a pinch of salt and do your research before investing. Finally, good luck in your journey in the cryptocurrency sphere. 

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