Innovative Vilnius: from teleportation stops to 3D holograms

“We have created a tool for residents of the city to turn their innovative dreams into reality. We are delighted to have received as many as 30 applications, from which we chose really good, worthwhile projects which will commemorate the city in real or virtual environment. The increasing majority of people understand that Vilnius is open to their ideas, thoughts and creative work”, – Povilas Poderskis, Chief Executive Director of City Administration rejoiced over the new ideas that will enrich the city.

One of the winners – the Public Institution “Three Cubes” – will create an educational – experimental tool “Historical Blocks of Vilnius”. The platform of the world-famous computer game Minecraft will help to create a unique project, which will allow traveling through different epochs in the historic centre of Vilnius. Residents and guests of Vilnius will be able to travel in time teleporting to “teleportation” stations of different periods and to see how the capital has grown and changed over years. Various characters of that era, from ordinary residents, merchants to clergy and rulers of that time, will greet visitors in each period. By talking to them, visitors will be able to learn more about relevant issues, history, order and relations with neighbouring countries of that time. The latest version of the Minecraft game will help experience all this.

“It is very exciting to see that we are starting to listen to artists in Vilnius, give them freedom of creation and provide them with assistance in the implementation of innovation, experiments and development of new ideas. Residents themselves should also have the vision of the city. The municipality can provide financial support and co-operate in creating Vilnius of tomorrow”, Mark Adam Harold, one of members of the Commission, talked about the benefits of the competition.

Another outstanding project is a unique artistic education space for children in the sculpture yard of the Contemporary Art Centre. Participating in free of charge creative, artistic and aesthetic training sessions held by professional education specialists of the Contemporary Art Centre will be possible having registered in advance next to Rūdninkai Square. The place will be open all year long. It will be equipped with a pavilion – a shelter for working with various materials, leaving a space for children to create their own toys or sculptures. Unique objects for children’s games and education will be created in cooperation with artists. Materials left after exhibitions and production of works of art in the art centre will be used in the sessions, fostering “Do It Yourself” and sorting culture.

PI “Menų Fabrikas” having won the competition will create the project “Bunda” (English: Awakening). This is 3D hologram projections, which will revitalize the neglected industrial building at Švitrigailos g. 40A during the dark time of the day. Animation, 2D or 3D visualisations will revive the buildings, shape them in different forms, colours or even imitate their falling. Unexpected transformations will catch the attention of children and adults, which both guests and residents of the city will find appealing.

Another winner of the competition – the Public Institution “Kūrybinių Industrijų Dokas” – will create the “Illuminated Park of Legends of Vilnius”, which will be located at the intersection of Karoliniškės and Lazdynai. Creating an innovative park of light projections presenting legends and stories of the city of Vilnius is planned for the first time in Lithuania. The plan is to have 10 projectors installed in the Fairy-tale Park, which will project symbols of Vilnius legends on evergreen trees: the Iron Wolf will walk on tree tops, the Basil will be climbing up the trunk, the legend of the birth of Lizdeika will be retold on tree branches, and several sculptures of the Fairy-tale Park will revive in new forms in the dark. There will be an information board installed next to each object in Lithuanian and English. A map is being drawn specifically for this project.

The Commission for Promotion of Competitiveness and Innovation of Vilnius are the initiators of the competition and creators of the idea, including: the Chairman Marius Skarupskas, members of the Council Mindaugas Mačernis, Žilvinas Šilgalis, Artur Liudkovski and Adomas Bužinskas, in participation of Inga Romanovskienė, Director of “Go Vilnius“, the official development agency of the City of Vilnius, Deputy Director of the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology Gintas Kimtys, Director of Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association Mindaugas Statulevičius, representative of INFOBALT association Ainis Kavaliauskas, representative of PI “Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park” Laima Kaušpadienė, Chair of the Council of the association “Žinių Ekonomikos Forumas” (English: Knowledge Economy Forum) Mindaugas Glodas, representative of Global Shapers Žygimantas Zabieta and Gintarė Skorupskaitė.

Each selected project received up to EUR 50 000 in support. The winners will also contribute their own funds accounting for up to 30 percent of the project value.

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