Israeli trade delegation seeks organic food suppliers in Lithuania

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

The largest Israeli food industry delegation to date is currently on a visit to Lithuania with 50 Lithuanian companies set to meet with representatives of 13 Israeli companies.

Israel is particularly interested in organic, vegetarian, or long life products. Almost 40% of Lithuanian exports to Israel are agricultural products and food products of which dairy products take the biggest part.

One of the most in-demand products is Lithuanian cheese which has been exported to Israel for 20 years. Overall Lithuanian production exports to Israel last year grew by nearly 40%. Lithuania is only second to Ireland regarding export growth to Israel.

“This is a good opportunity for Lithuanian producers in Israel. Israel is in high demand for specialized healthy food because consumers in our country have a higher purchasing power, Lithuania would have something to offer them at a competitive price,” said Zeev Lavi, the head International Relations Department at the Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

“Israel imports a wide range of foods: raw material, natural, gluten-free products as well as Kosher food. Israel is a very western, flexible and dynamic market, consumers are particularly fond of niche products which dominate world markets,” said Lavi.

“Food used to take up to a quarter of overall exports to Israel with pharmaceutical products and life sciences products – lasers, life sciences products constituting 24%. Now our analysis shows that the most promising sectors for export growth are in biotechnology and life sciences and start-ups. We will look to develop this further,” said Rasa Noreikienė, Lithuanian Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Israeli representatives are also interested in Lithuania as a logistics and transportation leader, with Lithuania in a position to become Israel’s gateway to Russia and other countries in the region.


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