Lithuanians love sushi – last year they bought twice as much as a year before that

As foreign cuisine grows more popular in Lithuania, some of those dishes are becoming an irreplaceable part of people’s diets. One of the most popular dishes among Lithuanians is Japanese sushi. Demand nearly doubled over the last year. According to retailers, it’s easy to explain the secret behind the popularity of sushi – Lithuanians value the dish because of its flavour and because of how healthy it is. […]


Kaunas frozen food company Judex allowed to resume production

After repeated tests did not reveal any bacteria, the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) on Tuesday allowed the Kaunas-based frozen food product company Judex, which is subject to a law-enforcement investigation, to resume production. […]


Lithuanians worried about growing cost of living

Lithuanians are concerned about the growing cost of living more than any other nation in Europe, a survey shows. Every fifth respondent has indicated rising food prices as the main reason for growing cost of […]


Food less affordarble in Lithuania than in Denmark

Lithuania, together with Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, are the European Union countries where food costs the least. However, it is still more affordable to the Danes who pay the highest price […]


Are VAT cuts on meat a credible proposal?

The Social Democrats proposal to reduce VAT for fresh and chilled meat to make it more affordable has been criticised by the opposition and economists. But is it a credible proposal? “They are now aiming […]