Lithuanian consumers shocked as strawberries hit €9 a kilo

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

A kilogramme of Lithuanian-grown strawberries at a Klaipėda market sells for €9, reports.

Farmed at a local farm of Jurgita and Valdas Piščikai, the berries were grown in greenhouses and appear a month before the season of naturally-grown strawberries, which, the farmers say, is the reason why they are so expensive.

“The price is the same as it was last year… These are the first berries, hence the higher price. It has nothing to do with the euro,” Valdas Piščikas says. “At this time in previous years, the first strawberries would cost 12-17 litas per half a kilogramme (€7-10 per kilogramme).”

He says the prices will drop once more berries are delivered to the market in June.

However, reports that the price this year is about €2 above the level last year.

Meanwhile Vidas Juodsnukis, head of the Lithuanian Family Farms Union, tells LRT the initial prices of locally-grown strawberries was €8-10 last year, before dropping to €4-5 once naturally grown berries reached the market.

Meanwhile strawberries imported from Greece and Poland sell at about half the price.

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