EU origin label proposals would cost too much – Lithuanian dairy producers

The European Parliament has proposed that all European meat and dairy processors will have to specify the origin of all ingredients in their products along with the producer country on packaging, but Lithuanian meat and dairy producers say the new rules would lead to substantial costs.

“When it comes to fresh meat, the requirement is understandable. However, absolutely all milk comes in packaging, therefore, it makes no sense. According to our calculations, redesigning the packaging alone would cost €75,000-100,000 euros,” said Egidijus Simonis, the head of the Lithuanian dairy association Pieno Centras.

“Of course, this is a one-time cost but a big one. Furthermore, companies usually have a stock of packaging, as they buy large amounts. In this case, all of it would have to be utilized and go unused, which means a loss,” he said.

Industry representatives claimed that the requirement to specify the origin of processed meat products would cause similar problems for Lithuanian meat producers. If a company included meat from a different country as an ingredient in a sausage, those other countries of origin would have to be shown on packaging.

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