Food less affordarble in Lithuania than in Denmark

DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Lithuania, together with Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, are the European Union countries where food costs the least. However, it is still more affordable to the Danes who pay the highest price for food, but enjoy higher income.

The highest prices of food and non alcoholic beverages last year were recorded in Denmark, 145% of the EU average.

Poland is at the other end of the scale with food at 63% of the EU average. Poland is followed by Romania (64%), Bulgaria (70%), Lithuania (78%), The Czech Republic and Hungary (both 79%).

However, even with some of the cheapest prices in the EU, Lithuanians spend about a quarter of their income on food, Poles – up to 20%. People of Denmark, on the other hand, spend only a tenth of their income on food.

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