Japanese experts to check beef quality in Lithuania

Whether Lithuania actually starts beef export to Japan will become clear soon: Japanese experts are planning to come to Lithuania at the beginning of May to make sure that cattle in Lithuania are healthy and the meet quality corresponds to high quality standards, the VMVT said in a report.

“The Japanese appreciate Lithuanian food and veterinary control system. We earned a reliable image as a country in 2012, when the Food Standards Agency of Australia officially acknowledged Lithuania as the lowest risk country regarding spongiform encephalopathy and opened their market for Lithuanian beef,” says Dr Jonas Milius, head of the VMVT.

Also, test results of Lithuania’s National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute (NMVRVI) were recognised as equivalent to the tests in Japan. On 1May 2014, Security, Labour and Welfare Ministry of Japan incorporated the NMVRVI into the list of approved foreign analytical institutions.

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