Latvia and Estonia rule out supplying weapons to Ukraine

The prime ministers of the Baltic states emphasised at their informal meeting in Vilnius that Ukraine needed full support, whereas sanctions imposed against Russia must be clearly linked to full compliance with Minsk ceasefire agreements. So far Lithuania is the only EU and NATO country which has openly declared its support to Ukraine with “elements of arms”.

Straujuma said that Latvia was focusing on humanitarian assistance and help for Ukraine’s structural reforms. Supply of arms is not in the plans.

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Roivas said that expertise assistance to Ukraine in implementing political, economic and legal reforms is especially significant. According to him, Ukraine can learn a lot from Estonia’s experience and such help is highly valuable and this is the kind of assistance that should be provided. Roivas added that this was a moral commitment. Moreover, he emphasised the importance of financial support by the European Union and other international organisations to Ukraine’s reforms.

The Lithuanian prime minister seconded that Ukraine must implement reforms fast, as the economic situation is very complicated.

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