Latvian building materials retailer entering Lithuania

“The pond will be drained and paved, to make way for the shopping area. There is no risk for it to get flooded. A simple geotechnical solution will be used to drain the water. We will put a pipe in that pond, about one metre deep, which will be connected to the city’s rain drainage system. This way, the water will flow via pipelines to the Curonian Lagoon. The drained area will be immediately filled with sand and made suitable for construction,” says project manager Rimantas Grigauskas of Kita Kryptis, a company representing the Latvian chain.

The company plans to build a 12,000-square-metre shopping centre in Klaipėda, selling construction materials, household goods and appliances, gardening supplies, etc.


About a year and a half ago, a similar shopping centre, Bauhof, closed down just across the street from the future Depo site.

Grigauskas says that water draining works should start this year and will last up to a month and a half, depending on weather. In case of heavy rainfall, draining works will be interrupted in order not to overburden the city’s drainage system.


Construction works might start in late 2015, according to Grigauskas. Investment into the new shopping centre will total about EUR 10m.

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