Leaked correspondence shows Abromavičius told truth about Ukraine corruption

Aivaras Abromavičius

The documents show that without his knowledge, oligarchs connected to the Ukranian president had appointed his deputy, whose objective was allegedly to control the state-owned energy company’s cash flows.

Unian.net reported that correspondence between Abromavičius and Naftogaz executive director Andrej Pasishniko reveals that the proposal for the latter to be appointed as a viceminister has come from the President‘s Petro Poroshenko office and that the minister was not even informed of this.

The correspondence was posted by People’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko on his blog.

When Abromavičius asked what specifically was the reason Pasishniko was appointed to become his deputy minister, the latter replied that the man introduced himself as a President‘s Petro Poroshenko long time business partner Ihor Kononenko‘s trustee.

Leshchenko alleges that the state-owned energy company had been put under new management who had saved millions by ending contracts that paid for equipment at inflated prices. However, Leshschenko alleges that people associated with one of the parties in the Ukrainian parliament that the government was dependent on for support had been benefitting from selling this equipment to the state company and then demanded that their own appointee be put in control of the energy company instead.


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